Say Your Vows In Style With 4 Key Bridal Beauty Items

Say Your Vows In Style With 4 Key Bridal Beauty Items

If you watched the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you (her guests) couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning Cynthia Bailey as she walked down the aisle in her silver dress. Let’s face it, a woman on her wedding day expects to be the focus of the ceremony. So with the stress of having all eyes on her comes the responsibility of looking absolutely perfect. Translation: leave nothing to chance because your wedding photos will capture every imperfection. The horror! 

Don’t be an ordinary bride, be a daring one with Essie Borrowed and Blue nail color ($8, – on sale March 2011) from the New 2011 Bridal Collection. Although different, this pastel blue nail color still makes an impact without taking the attention away from your wedding dress. Do what Cynthia did, stand apart from the rest while saying “I do” in style with four key bridal beauty items.

Before hair and makeup is done, have a friend or a family member do a once-over on you to make sure that any visible tattoos or marks on your body are promptly covered up. But before you use a cover up, you’ll need to use a primer like Dermablend Leg & Body Tattoo Primer ($25, ulta & macy’s stores) which improves the application of Leg & Body Cover from the same brand or any other brands. Women with sensitive skin need not be concerned because this primer is made for all skin types. But to be safe, put a little primer on the inside of your wrist and wait a few hours to see if you have a reaction. If not, then you’re good to go. If you tend to sweat, don’t worry because this primer stays put – it’s water, transfer & smudge-resistant.

The last thing you want to do is go to the restroom just before the ceremony in your dress and chance getting water on it. Avoid the possible splash of H20 and use a hand sanitizer instead like Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer ($6.50, which kills bacteria on contact. It’s true that hand sanitizers are notorious for leaving hands feeling dry, but this one does the exact opposite – your hands will feel hydrated, smooth and above all else, clean.

The makeup artist usually leaves once the job is done, so have a backup plan if your false eyelashes suddenly disappear because you’ve been crying. Arm yourself with a waterproof mascara like T. LeClerc Waterproof Mascara, Noir ($25, for post-ceremony tears.

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