The Key To Painless Microblading

The Key To Painless Microblading


Perfectly coiffed or perfectly full, feathery brows a la Lucy Hale is a thing and is within reach for anyone who wants them...especially for those who are follically challenged. But the recipe for beautiful arches is a talented eyebrow stylist a la me - Gregorie Guillaume and a pain-free microblading service, which begins with Dr. Numb the leading brand of topical anesthetic products. 

The Buzz

Before the magic begins, one of the keys to a successful microblading service is the first step - the numbing process because without that your experience will be an uncomfortable one, which is where Dr.Numb comes in. Preparing your skin for semi-permanent brows is the most crucial part of the whole microblading experience. This stage ensures that the skin has been disinfected and is numbed sufficiently to get through the whole process without a hitch.  Dr.Numb® has the most effective solution for optimum comfort and infection risk prevention - Dr. Numb Premium Disinfectant and Pain Relief Kit, which includes Dr.Numb® Topical 5% Lidocaine Cream and Dr.Numb® Topical Anesthetic Disinfectant Foam Soap with 4% Lidocaine. This product combination takes microblading to the next level by combining powerful disinfection, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, anesthetic and moisturizing properties in a gentle foam soap formula. 

When choosing a microblader make sure to inspect their work, read reviews, check different social media avenues to scope out pertinent information and lastly, schedule an initial consultation. In the consultation phase, this is where inquiring about the pain management method of the artist comes in.

Hybrid Brow - microblading and ombre


Why You'll Love It

[caption id="attachment_26015" align="alignleft" width="300"] Eyebrow Stylist - Gregorie Guillaume[/caption]

You'll love microblading because you're brow obsessed like me and it lasts for a year with proper care. Once a professional makeup artist with recording artists and magazines, a skin care therapist, and as a beauty editor, I am committed to giving every client the perfect shape for their face.

Case Study: The above client wanted bold brows that would ease up her morning makeup routine and desired a perfect shade match to her auburn hair color. Goal achieved. After her initial visit she came back for a follow up six weeks later to reinforce strokes and shape. This client healed like a dream and I can't wait to see her in a year, however if  she or you as a future client want a brow touch up that service is available for 3-12 month touch ups.  

The Quick Fix For Hangover Skin 


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