Wendy Williams Favorite Beauty Products & Fashion Secrets

Wendy Williams Favorite Beauty Products & Fashion Secrets

Get the scoop on Wendy Williams favorite beauty products from Elizabeth Arden, Nivea, and Bremenn Research, and her fashion secrets for getting an incredibly slim waistline.

When Wendy Williams’ trusted PR team said it’s a go for a one-on-one with the personality-extraordinaire, yours truly was over the moon excited and couldn’t wait to trade beauty and fashion secrets with this like-minded, beauty-obsessed chic.

Because Wendy’s on-air persona comes across as real-girl accessible, I hoped that I’d be greeted with the same warmth and openness…and guess what I was! Click HERE to check out our beauty chat on the Wendy after show.

I wasted no time getting into Wendy’s beauty business and asked her to spill the beans on her three beauty must-haves…one of them sounding strangely familiar because it was mentioned in JET SET BEAUTY: Get Gabrielle Union’s Effortless LookElizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream ($19, elizabetharden.com). Wendy says, that “for as many hands as I shake [8 Hour] is invaluable,” and I agree, it’s a product every girl should really own. 8 Hour is a skin protectant that rehydrates chapped lips, heals rough elbows, calluses and softens dry cuticles. Use it on your legs, lips and eyes to give and keep them shiny or use it as an after-sun skin soother and apply it on your eyebrows to keep stray hairs in place.

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A person who keeps it real like Miss Wendy will forever ‘be a friend in my head,’ and when she explained why Nivea A Kiss of Flavor Tinted Lip Care, Strawberry ($2.99, ulta.com) was one of her must-haves, without skipping a beat she said, “because it’s black girl [friendly].” It’s true, some tinted moisturizers just don’t work on black women’s lips making them look pasty and hardly inviting, however, Kiss of Flavor deposits just enough red color to make them look pucker-ready. Get to shopping ladies!

HKI’s proud to report that yes, even with her 5 day a week heavy makeup schedule, Wendy’s skin is flawless. Her great skin is due in part to good genes and Bremenn Research Labs 6-in-1 Skin Cream ($49, ulta.com). As a ‘woman of a particular age,’ as so self-described by Wendy, she sings the praises of 6-in-1. It’s a cream that reduces the appearance of existing fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet and helps maintain the elasticity, tone, moisture level, smoothness, and health of facial skin. The one downside of  6-in-1, the size…it’s way too small.

Wendy and I chatted about the size of her breasts and discussed her favorite on-camera designers, one of which was Diane von Furstenberg – the queen of the easy wrap dress (seen on Wendy here is the New Jeanne Two Dress). A woman can never go wrong with a wrap dress and a flattering v-neck neckline because it’s incredibly slimming and we all know Miss Wendy is a size 6!

After every Wendy Show, Wendy peels off the lashes, changes hair and outfits and slips on her Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats. Speaking of hair, Wendy shows me her real hair! Watch the video to to find out why she’ll never go on the air without her wig.

Thanks for sharing Wendy!
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