3 Green Beauty Products That’ll Shake Up Your Routine

3 Green Beauty Products That’ll Shake Up Your Routine

It’s only in recent times that the term ‘eco-friendly’ green beauty products became a buzz phrase that’s sometimes added to product descriptions to gain an advantage over the competition. But which companies are really walking the walk?

If you’re someone who’s wanted to contribute more (or for the first time) to the efforts of protecting and saving the earth beyond the typical recycling paper and plastic water bottles, then that’s an easy fix – do what we do best here and focus on the beauty perspective!

Although it may seem that you’re placing the focus squarely on you, you’d only be half right because there are many beauty brands that are quite adept at fulfilling our beauty needs, but whose philosophies incorporates the needs of the environment as well. In other words, you benefit from purchasing a pretty lipgloss that comes in a container that’s 100% recyclable. It’s a win-win ladies! And by the way, did someone say ‘vanity’ is an ugly word?

Nature’s Gate Body Wash ($7.49, shopnatures-gate.com) is walking the walk because every bottle this brand uses is fully recyclable. Just think for a moment, with every push of the nozzle you’ll be reminded of your role as an advocate for sustainability. The stand out feature of this product is how hydrated your body feels afterwards because of the aloe vera, so much so that you almost don’t need to use a body lotion or butter afterwards, however, with the ever present threat of ashiness, this product benefit might as well be a mute point. The truth can’t be helped.

Are there any men in the house because BMW just revealed their latest four-wheel creation – the BMW i generation and Susanne Kaufmann Cosmetics was tapped by BMW to create the hand sanitizer Purif-i Soothing & Sanitizing Hand Spray ($19, susannekaufmann.com). This is a product that minimizes environmental impact and is made entirely of herbal extracts and a combination of intelligent, super active substances. The combination of alcohol extracts from plants and liquid silk proteins softens and protects hands from drying out. Use it anywhere, anytime without water and no towel.

Another term that’s made it’s way onto eco-friendly product packaging is ‘sustainability.’ By definition sustainability means to not harm the environment or to deplete it of it’s resources which is at the core of Jasön Natural Products’ philosophy. HKI likes JASON’s Vitamin E Oil 5,000 (95% certified organic – $6.39, jason-natural.com, natural food stores) because it’s a natural way of delivering moisture to your skin and would especially come in handy as we head into the cooler months. Ingredients include almond, apricot, avocado & wheat germ oils which helps protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

The moral of the story is to shake up your beauty product menu with earth-friendly options to add to your recycling campaign, and if this is your foray into saving the environment then you’ve just been given the tools to be fabulous and conscious at the same time.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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