What The Fuzz! Get Stubble Free Legs

What The Fuzz! Get Stubble Free Legs

Expensive dresses – check. Four-inch Yves Saint Laurent heels – check. Perfect nails – double check. Clearly this isn’t the average dress code for crime fighters, but it’s the only one “Charlie” approved for his trio of sleuths aptly called Charlie’s Angels – the new ABC series debuting September 22nd. Is it any wonder that hairy legs were left off this dress code?

While choosing to let the hair on your legs grow so long that the hairs can be braided isn’t against the law, it does little to display a truly pulled together look unless the offending areas are hidden from the world’s view or whisked away with one of these very qualified shaving product options for stubble free legs

Veet hit the nail on the head with it’s spray-on delivery system in Veet’s Spray on Cream Hair Remover ($8.59, walmart, target). There are several pro’s to using this remover: it’s ergonomic can design fits perfectly into the contours of your hands, it’s hands-free hair removal, works in a little as three minutes with the results lasting almost twice as long as shaving and instead of a razor you use the attached Perfect Touch Tool so no more nicks! Uh, where’s my can?

Another product you should keep in mind for your next shopping trip is FirstAid’s Beauty Smooth Shave Cream ($7.50-$16.50, firstaidbeauty.com). HKI likes this shave cream first for the most superficial reason – the acronym FAB! The most notable attribute of this shaving cream is that it’s super rich & doesn’t thin as you apply it which decreases the chances of you getting a shaving nick.

Gone are the days when your eyes tear up because of the strong smell of your shaving cream. Instead, opt for The Art of Shaving’s Rose Absolute Shaving Cream ($26, sephora.com) because with every stroke of the razor, the tempting scent of fresh picked rose petals wifts through the air making the whole experience of shaving a pleasant chore. It also reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs which makes for an unpleasant bumpy landscape.

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