At-Home Spa Products

At-Home Spa Products

Now is as good time as any to take a moment to chill with at home spa products that say “do you” with a relaxing moment designed just for you and by you and what’s more, you don’t have to tip yourself!

Gone are the days when a bar of soap, bubbles, a candle and dare I say it, a transistor radio did the trick and welcome to today with a candle, Ipod speakers, still the bubbles and spa products that venture way beyond a bar of soap – products like these…

It was great news to hear that one of the most coveted hair care brands, Moroccanoil entered this category with guns ‘a blazin’ with five incredible products to choose from – products that can be used in your at-home just-for-you spa event. It’s one thing to hear about these product and it’s another to play with these gems – please don’t be mad at me because I got the chance to…it’s my job! HKI can more than vouch for any one of these five products, but today’s focus is on Body Buff ($42, available in luxury spas and retailers this April). Made with orange peel exfoliator, it’s gentle enough to whisk away dead skin cells if used daily. Moroccanoil is known for it’s use of argan oil so it continued this trend by adding it to the entire product line. There are many other ingredients within this product that contribute to the intense moisture you’ll get time and again like avocado, grapeseed, safflower, and sesame & sweet almond oil.

June Jacobs is a line that’s familiar to HKI because it was one of the go-to brand that this skin care therapist worked with that made a difference on many a client’s skin. With the introduction of June Jacobs Spa Collection ($168, you can expect much of the same results on the rest of your body. June’s’ at-home spa kit which includes Cranberry Body Balm, Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque and Peppermint Hand and Foot Therapy is infused with ingredients such as pumpkin, cranberry and peppermint to help refine skin and to deliver intense hydration. It also incldes extracts such as white, red & green tea combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts to help to neutralize free radicals & to help protect skin from environmental toxins that speed up the visible signs of premature aging. While this product ain’t close to being cheap, it still should be considered since you are afterall getting three products and what’s the point of this entry -treat yourself to a little “me” time because you deserve it.

The long time drug store brand Calgon gets a boost in the spa/body care category with it’s entry  for the very affordable price of $5.49 ( & mass retailers). While this brand has introduced many other new products, these bath pearls top HKI’s list of body care products because it’s a drug store cheapie that feels luxurious and expensive. As with the aforementioned Moroccan Oil & June Jacobs, Calgon delivers moisture with it’s own array of ingredients like vitamin E and collagen for lunminous skin so good bye dull, lifeless skin and welcome a brighter, fresher-looking you.

So have you decided when you plan on “doing you?”

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