Stroke of Genius: Get Salon Perfect Nails At Home

Stroke of Genius: Get Salon Perfect Nails At Home

Are you a high-maintenance chick who wants salon perfect nails at home because it just makes financial sense? 

Recently, yours truly overheard two friends talking about manicures – one of them was complaining that she just had a manicure the day before and now her nail polish was already chipped. Her friend responded, “that’s exactly why I don’t get manicures because it’s a waste of money and they don’t even last 24 hours?”

If you’re all about stretching your dollars and making sense of each one spent then you’ll appreciate  ($59.99, ulta stores & online), an at-home gel manicure kit that works in minutes. Gel manicures are all the rage because you get chip-free, shiny nails for weeks. This manicure kit comes equipped with all of the bells and whistles to help you get a long-lasting, salon-quality manicure – the LED Light to cure/dry your nails between gel base & top coats, cuticle oil and much more. The only downside HKIsees to gel manicures is the removal process – you have to repeatedly soak your nails in acetone to scrape the polish off, but aren’t weeks of manicure bliss worth this minor inconvenience – just be patient is all I say.

The cornerstone of any great at-home or salon manicure is a healthy nail and HKI believes Duri Cosmetics does it best with their great range of nail treatment products one of which is Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap ($5, – don’t worry it’s legal! Faina Ritz, founder of Duri Cosmetics contends that “many products guarantee results, however, many of those ‘miracle workers’ contain unnatural and unhealthy ingredients that are actually harmful to nails. With a daily stroke of our Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap, nails are infused with nurturing essential fatty acids – Omega 3, Omega 6 and Linolenic acid (GLA)”.  Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is the healthiest most abundant herbal treatments for nails and this treatment contains tiny fibers that provide strength and support for the natural nail and is fortified with nylon fibers that when applied form a matrix to reinforce weak, and/or splitting nails. With consistent use you should see results in about two weeks.

So are you rethinking your next scheduled nail appointment?

Hue Knew It? I did.

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