Body Oils = Silky-Looking Skin

Body Oils = Silky-Looking Skin

Showing off skin is something Adrienne Bailon is no stranger to and looks especially fab doing it on her new television show, The Real. For skin that glistens like Adrienne’s, do yourself and your body a favor this season and add body oils to the mix to get even softer skin from SKINN Cosmetics, Whish, Caldrea and Viktor&Rolf.

Body Oils vs. Body Lotions

Before you make the decision to switch or even add a body oil to your regimen, let’s first understand what the difference is between the two product types. Body oils moisturize the top layer of the skin, keeping moisture trapped in while not penetrating the skin. Body lotions are made with skin-softening ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and Vitamins D & E to penetrate and hydrate the skin.

Now you’ve got the facts – whatcha gonna do? I’m a lotion and oil kind of girl myself.

Anti-Aging Solutions

More than just a body oil, Collagenesis Essential Radiance Omega-Rich Anti-Aging Body Oil ($49, doesn’t just produce a gorgeous glow, made with a concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients: botanical oils rich in Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 & 12 Fatty Acids, Collagenesis targets parched, aging or withered skin and rejuvenates and replenishes it with moisture so it feels supple.

Whish Blueberry Body Oil ($28, is a treat for your nose and skin as it leaves it with a luminous finish. Sesame and sunflower seed oils moisturize it, olive leaf extract and jojoba oil calm inflamed skin and Dermaxyl – an anti-aging peptide ingredient reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Budget Beauty Oil

The Target stores brand of body care products, recently-launched Caldrea Essential Collection is pretty much OMG! Of the four fragrances within the collection offered, Mango Lily is by far my favorite and the Body Oil ($9.99, – sick. Made of Argan and Meadowsweet Oil – juicy tropical and notes of lily, this body oil has a nice thickness to it which absorbs quickly.

From The Design House Viktor&Rolf

Viktor&Rolf Bomblicious Dry Body Oil ($65, department stores) isn’t just about moisturizing thirsty skin, it’s about wrapping your body in the warmth with every spritz. The velvety oil is yet another marvelous way to get lost in the Flowerbomb Bomblicious fragrance. Btw…this bottle is a piece of art.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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