Fix Funky Feet Issues w/These PediPerfect Musts

Fix Funky Feet Issues w/These PediPerfect Musts

In most cases, cute feet just are…damn Zendaya Coleman, and in the rest, well, let’s just call that lot the funky feet  brigade. But all isn’t lost for the latter, as long as foot care therapy reigns supreme with products from Curel, AmLactin and NatraCure – three ways that guarantee your feet won’t forever be banished to closed-toe shoes.

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The driest of feet, and not the kind that are buried beneath a mound of calluses, can, in the course of two days, but in as little as one, restore suppleness to them with Curél Foot Therapy Cream ($5.69, Beyond just hydrating your feet, this foot cream, which is infused with shea butter, coconut milk and vitamin E quickly absorbs to replenish ceramide levels leaving the pads and heels of your feet looking and feeling much-improved.

($7.99, also has the goods to bring softening relief to rough, dry feet and heel cracks. This non-greasy, clinically proven moisturizer is a great funky feet for all skin types.

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Heavy-duty lotions aside, try comforting your feet with NatraCure SmartGel Soothing & Hydrating Mitts or Booties ($49.95, Love these! The core of these cozy cover-ups is SmartGel – a heat-activated therapy treatment that contains seven botanical oils, ceramides, aloe vera, green tea, and a soothing willow fragrance that help hydrate and rejuvenate  as you unwind…just slip the heat insert into the microwave and relax. Sizes for both men and women.

Hue Knew It? I did.


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