Create a Buzz on the Beach This Summer

Create a Buzz on the Beach This Summer

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Summer Fun

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Rihanna uses sunscreen at the beach this summer
Let loose at a local beach this summer like Rihanna or at a more exotic locale like the beaches at Alicante or Ibiza. Blue sky holidays are the best and we work hard all year just to be able to afford a break in the sun. It’s a chance to unwind and forget the grind of everyday life. And if you are young, free and single, it is also a great opportunity to kick back and have some fun.

Our goal? To look our best on the beach and gain a few or a lot of admiring glances. Unfortunately, strolling down the beach in a plain one-piece won’t do you any favors, so create create a buzz on the beach by upping the ante in more than one area.

Dress for Your Figure and Age

Our inhibitions are generally a lot lower at the beach, which means that people who normally cover up are more than happy to strip off when faced with a long stretch of pristine white sand. This is great, but unless you want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons, it’s best to stick to beach attire that is appropriate for your age and body type.

For example, a 20-something can usually get away with wearing anything, but no one wants to see a 75 year old granny wearing a dental floss Brazilian bikini. Nor do they want to see an overweight guy wearing too-tight swim briefs. So be realistic about what kind of shape you are in and if the answer is “not good,” start paying your neighborhood gym frequent visits.

Bikini Styles for 2016

Show off at the beach this summer by wearing a stand-out bikini. Itsy bitsy bikinis in hot colors or stylish prints are a great look for most women. 1950s pin-up styles are perfect for curvier girls, while halter neck bikinis are ideal for slim girls with less on top. Also consider sporting pretty crocheted frilly bikinis in ultra-feminine colors.

Beach Ready Sunglasses

You can’t hit the beach without a pair of designer sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and let you check out the talent from behind dark lenses. It’s a win-win situation.

There are lots of fabulous styles this year. Cat eye sunglasses are a perennial favorite with the celebrity crowd, but keep an eye out for aviator shades and frames in pale pastel colors. Colored lenses are also popular – blues, purples, pinks and yellows are all of-the-moment hues that would look great on the beach, so checkout glasses from top brands at discount prices.

Beach Accessories

Take a designer tote for your sun lotion, a towel and a magazine. Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your face from the sun, and cover up with a colourful print sarong when it’s time to head back to the apartment or hotel.

Don’t forget to apply new Coppertone CLEARLYSheer Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 ($3.99-$8.99, at regular intervals, as sunburn is never a good look on the beach. This sunscreen is water-resistant up to 80 minutes that absorbs quickly, leaves a smooth, matte finish, and is sheer enough to be worn under your makeup at the beach. It also has a citrus-y scent that feels cool and light against your skin. Also available in SPF 50.

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