A Cheeky Butt Care Essential Every Woman Should Use

A Cheeky Butt Care Essential Every Woman Should Use

The clean beauty brand that brought us the original butt care sheet mask has just launched a clean beauty, water-activated body wash. The BAWDY Wash™ is an eco-conscious body wash packaged with 97% PCR materials that comes in powder form and is water-activated. The earth-saving beauty about this body wash is that a single bottle replaces five bottles of traditional liquid body wash and cuts transportation costs and carbon footprint.




You could go the coolsculpting route or you could try Bawdy Beauty, which takes butt care seriously as it is committed to sourcing only clean, high quality, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The BAWDY Wash is formulated and powered by nourishing Kaolin and hydrating Seaweed, a combination of clean ingredients with a delicate blend of invigorating summer florals. Sustainable and non-toxic, this revitalizing powder-form wash leaves marine life unaffected, a factor that is important to Bawdy Beauty’s founder Sylwia Wiesenberg, who has a deep love of marine life.


By keeping The BAWDY Wash in powder form, water is not wasted in diluting the formulation, and the carbon footprint and shipping costs for this product is reduced because it does not require transporting a heavy body wash to and from distribution centers and then eventually to stores for consumers.




The BAWDY Wash drastically reduces its impact on the environment by cutting out the inclusion of water in the final packaged product. This product is packaged with 97% post-consumer resin (PCR) and all Bawdy Beauty product, including The BAWDY Wash, is packed in boxes made of paper certified by Sustainable Forestry initiative (SFI), an indicator of sustainably harvested paper stock.



“At Bawdy, we pride ourselves on creating clean beauty products that consumers can unapologetically use and enjoy. “We’ve cut out the liquid, giving customers five times the amount of body wash in a single bottle. And since users add water at home to activate it, we’ve eliminated the footprint that comes with producing and shipping an unnecessarily heavy and large product. Customers can and should feel good about using this product knowing that they are helping their skin and the environment.”

Sylwia Wisenberg, Founder


Price: $30



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