Try All Natural Body Care With African Ingredients

Try All Natural Body Care With African Ingredients

Natural Body Care  

As a founding member of the green beauty movement, Tammi Umbel of Shea Terra Organics has taken natural body care to the next level with her endless pursuit of only the best indigenous ingredients that enhance skin and health, naturally. 

The Buzz

For winter natural body care consider Shea Terra Organics Pumpkin Spice Collection, which are all naturally formulated. 

Shea Terra Shea Nilotik Coconut Sugar Whipped Body Scrub Pumpkin Spice is formulated with sustainable coconut sugar and USDA certified organic Ugandan shea butter that create a unique exfoliating experience. This creamy scrub adheres to the skin throughout the exfoliation process and gets rid of unsightly dry skin once and for all. Is scented with all natural pumpkin spice aroma and added pumpkin seed oil.

Shea Terra Shea Nilotik Whipped Body Cream Pumpkin Spice is 30% cold pressed Shea Nilotik’ shea butter whipped with pure mountain spring water for all day moisture and skin care protection. Can be used on legs, tummy and biceps for healthy, glowing skin and massaged into stretch marks for a smoother appearance. Use on severely dry hands and feet and get instant relief with a daily application. This cream is ideal for people with diabetes and rough and patchy skin. 

Shea Terra Shea Nilotik Moisture Wash Pumpkin Spice is made with skin drenching conditioners - cold pressed Ugandan shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, Cape sea kelp and vegetable glycerin to soothe skin while washing grime away. 

Shea Terra Shea Nilotik Ultra-Rich Lotion is 99.7% Natural and 20% Certified Organic Shea Nilotik’ shea butter combined with pure spring water for a powerful boost of hydration. Rare Ugandan shea butter eliminates dry skin scaliness and pampers skin so it feels silky smooth minimizing roughness and irritation. Is scented with genuine South African lavender essential oil. 

Price: $16 each


Why You'll Love It

TBH I don't normally gravitate to pumpkin anything, but I do love the formulations behind the scent in this must-have collection. Post-shower I routinely use the Whipped Body Cream, which calms the ash and really moisturizes my skin! 

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