Essentials For A Great Bikini Shave

Essentials For A Great Bikini Shave

The Goal: Beach Time Appropriate Bikini Zones

The Budget: $10-$30

The Results: Professional

…and just when you thought you’d have to spend money on a professional wax job, Veet makes you the pro with the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit ($29.97, Cool is the only word to describe this self-heating wax system because the roll-on applicator and salon-grade wax gives you salon-grade results…HKI loves that all day long. This system removes hair from the root at first application and even removes hair as short as two millimeters. It’s formulated with natural beeswax so it’s great for sensitive skin types as well. Results last up to four weeks!

Includes: electrical warmer with base, 1.76 oz legs and body roll-on refill, 24 hair removal strips, 4 perfect finish wipes. Easy fit 1-click wax cartridge

If you’re an old-school chick who prefers removing hairs with a shaving tool, then try the 2-in-1 Schick Quattro TrimStyle ($11.99, – an extraordinary razor and bikini trimmer along with vegan-friendly KISS My Face Green Tea & Bamboo Moisture Shave ($4.25,, which contains soothing aloe & olive oil plus anti-aging bamboo & antioxidant green to allow for the best shave you’ve ever had.

To keep your bikini zone bump-free after waxing or shaving, try GiGi No Bump Roll-On Skin Smoothing Gel ($9.99, the mess-free, roll-on applicator that stops ingrown hairs in their wake, eases skin irritation and eliminates razor burns.


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