Anti Aging Hand Creams that Slow the Signs of Aging Hands

Anti Aging Hand Creams that Slow the Signs of Aging Hands

For Sarah Jessica Parker surgery seems to be the only solution to improving the appearance of her vein-y, old-looking hands. But for those of us whose hands simply need a little attention, check out these anti aging hand creams that slow the signs of aging hands…

From SpaRitual comes SpaRitual Handprint Hand Salve (click here for locations). Dry hands need moisture and this hand salve delivers plenty of it because of its HydroShield Technology. While it promotes dry, active hands, ‘Handprint’ also promotes new cell growth. Paraben and fragrance-free and made with 76% organic ingredients. A vegan product.

SIDEBAR:  Shel, the owner of SpaRitual is an absolute doll and has a beautiful spirit, a spirit that trickles down into every product that is produced. Please support this brand.

Vitamin, royal jelly and plankton-filled Alessandro Hands Spa Age Complex Vital Serum ($25, virtually blocks harsh environmental stressors from ever reaching your precious hands. ‘Hands Spa’ is a highly-concentrated serum that absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy finish.

We won’t do now what we did as kids…stick our fingers in our mouth and think that a cuticle treatment, we instead, should be using ($9.99, – the clinically-proven treatment that does reverse the visible signs of aging in as little as 2 weeks. ‘Hand Perfection’ ushers in high-levels of vital nutrients and essential oils like Avocado, Sunflower Seed Oil & Jojoba Oil with Omega 9 into your hands and cuticles so they feel softer and no longer break or tear. Use the cuticle pen over your polish or alone for a natural, healthy look.

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