My Beach-Time Prep Beauty Secrets Revealed

My Beach-Time Prep Beauty Secrets Revealed

Some people wax ’til there’s not one hair left in sight, while others embark on arduous muscle-pumping workout sessions to get the, “I’m always this toned” look to prep for a day at the beach. I do things a little differently…

Color me strange, but I find that sippin’ ever so slowly on a Mojito or two and noshing on sweet potato chips at a restaurant on the boardwalk perfectly normal in the way of ultimate beach preparations. There’s nothing better than a libation to help me ease into showing off my wares to the world – come one dimple, come all! Self love is so beautiful.

If it were left up to me, this post would’ve ended after my second drink. But, since the folks at Sally Hansen are kinda curious about how this beauty chick gets ready for sand play, let’s rewind…

The first thing I’d do is determine whether to shave or wax. Since stubble-free is the goal, I decide on Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit which comes with all the bells and whistles we need to gently remove hair with results lasting up to 8 weeks.

Next, I’d turn on the GPS to locate my low-back, one-piece, black and white halter bathing suit. Once found, I’d pair my suit with a cute, black sheer cover up and gargantuan-sized Jackie O shades. Of course, a spray sunscreen would be on the menu as well as a cute tote for my other beauty must-haves.

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Now that I’ve clued you into my beach-time prep, let’s keep it real girls, before my foot even hits the sand I’m already at the boardwalk bar with a drink in my hand.

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