Get the Perfect Tan With Sunless Tanning Products

Get the Perfect Tan With Sunless Tanning Products

Hue-challenged friends fret no more! HKI has come across three sunless tanning products that’ll make your next sunless tanning adventure hiccup-free. Say goodbye to embarrassing orange color, fix tan lines with no sweat and easily wipe away unwanted tanning product buildup with these exciting new finds…

The sun needn’t be a part of the tanning equation when you own sunless tanning products that deliver on the understood promise of not turning you orange. Get a beautiful bronzed complexion in as little as 3 hours with the quick-drying Body Drench Quick Tan Bronzing Spray – Medium/Dark ($17.99, that doesn’t fade or smear. Thankfully the mist of this spray is bronze so it’s easier to see during application. Sun, what sun?

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Some of the most common problems during sunless tanner application are streaking and product buildup on your joints and feet. Not a problem because those blunders can be easily fixed with the Bronze Buffer (2 sponges/$10, Just lightly dampen the sponge and rub the mishap away.

If you know how to color, then you know how to use the The Tanee ($5.99, to remove unsightly tan lines – the bane of everyone’s existence. Tanee has a no-mess applicator that covers tan lines without leaving color on your hands or clothes and sweat-proof. What’s more, the color fades over time with your natural sun tan. Works for most skin tones.


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