Healing Spa Treatments That Rejuvenate Your Body From Head To Toe

Healing Spa Treatments That Rejuvenate Your Body From Head To Toe

Before you spend one more dollar on a piece of clothing, accessory or shoe, think strongly about investing in your mind, body and spirit by way of a spa visit. And the beauty of a professional spa treatment? It takes no more effort from you, other than to make the appointment and to have the I’m-ready-to-be-spoiled attitude.

At-home spa treatments are nice in theory and do help in achieving some peace of mind, however, what’s lacking are the healing hands of a highly-trained skin care or massage therapist to bring that treatment across the finish line, therefore rejuvenating your body from head to toe, inside & out.

Check out two reviews of healing spa treatments from the Guerlain Spa and O’Live Organic Spa:

With so many spas and services available, where does one start? Well, given my own daily grind of putting out blog pieces that people will hopefully want to read, to braving the streets of New York City attending product launches, this blogger is plain ol’ pooped, so the decision to have a Hot Stone Massage ($265) at the Guerlain Spa (guerlainspa.com – 212.872.7200), located at 100 East 50th Street, NY NY 10022 inside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was a no-brainer.

The moment I stepped off the elevator onto the 19th floor of the Waldorf Astoria, I was greeted by a handsome, blonde-haired, young man in a black suit who walked me over to the waiting area, where if I listened closely, could hear a pin drop. Shortly after being seated and offered a glass of water, I just sat and took it all in and it was glorious. All that quiet and just me, yes. After my 15 minutes of solace in the waiting room expired, I was walked into the treatment room by my licensed massage therapist, Anita Saliba. And now the fun begins.

For 40 of 80 remarkable minutes, I let the muscles of my entire body be manipulated by hand and stone to the point of tears almost, because it felt that good while Adele’s 19 & 21 albums streamed through the Bose sound system. The last 40 minutes of the treatment was spent melting beneath the heat that was being generated from the eight stones that were placed on my back, with a towel that acted as a barrier so they wouldn’t burn my skin. The point of the stones? To apply gentle pressure and bring relief to my weary muscles and sore joints. Mission accomplished. Thank you Anita and Guerlain Spa for a record-making experience. I’ll soon be returning to the spa to partake in one of their newest innovative treatments like the Slim & Trim Body Treatment or The Micro-Current Lift & Tone Treatment – a non-surgical lift that rejuvenates aging skin cells so stay tuned.

Next on my NYC spa crawl was O’Live Organic Spa, located at 112 East 23rd Street, Suite 302, (212) 674-2424, an intimate, yet soothing venue for a relaxing Organic Sugar Body Scrub. Once I opted for the Blueberry scented scrub mixed with a finely pureed sugar cane from the Eminence line of skin care products – the only line the spa uses, it was time for my capable and friendly massage therapist – Gosha to get to work. I got stripped down to nothing and was asked to put on a pair of disposable undies. With spa music softly playing in the background and dimmed lighting to set the mood, I laid on the bed on my back with the top half of me being covered by a towel. If I weren’t there working on a story and getting these cool pics snapped of me during my visit – you like? I would’ve fully zoned out during the entire 45 minute session, while Gosha applied the sticky body scrub to the front and back of my body – no breasts included! Once complete, I put on my robe and stepped into the shower located in another room and let the warm water rinse my sins, I mean my dead skin cells away. I returned to the room where Gosha had me lay down again and she completed my treatment by applying a soothing moisturizer that involved a light massage. I left this beautiful, zen-looking establishment feeling like a new woman with incredibly soft skin. I think I love you Gosha.

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