Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth In Minutes with 4 Teeth Whiteners

Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth In Minutes with 4 Teeth Whiteners

With so much of our first impressions resting on what our teeth look like – crooked, straight, multiple gaps or just down-right more tanned in color compared to the rest of our bodies, HKI’s goal is to up the “importance” factor of having and maintaining healthy, white teeth.

Assuming all teeth are accounted for and in good working condition, consider one of these all teeth-whitening products to get brighter, whiter teeth in minutes. And figure out which teeth whitener best fits your lifestyle because one treatment does not fit all.

The 15-piece GO Discover Kit ($59, contains many customer favorites like AM Luxury Toothpaste, stain-erasing Touch Up(R) ampoules and Lip Treatment for the nominal price of $59.

If you want a professional whitening option that’s available for take-home use, try Opalescence Go ( Sold only by dental professionals. The 30-60 minute, 10% hydrogen peroxide gel, on-the-go-solution for sparkling white teeth. The tray fits like a glove and it comes in yummy flavors like Mint, Melon & Peach.

Fashionistas might appreciate toting GloSolo Teeth Whitening G-Vials ($45,,, just because it’s packaged in a sleek, frosted plastic pouch. But with ‘GloSolo’ you get more than just a fashion statement. When applied 2x’s a day, the G-Vials get your teeth whiter in just two weeks. Simply apply a thin layer of gel to the fronts of your teeth after brushing and flossing. See how easy it is to incorporate  this product into your daily oral care regimen? Works well on sensitive teeth.

Fashionistas might even like just owning ROCKSTAR White “Be Kissable” because the tooth tray and syringe come packaged in a cool pink box with a tatted up looking logo. But, really, the pink means that a percentage of the sales profits of this product are donated to Breast Cancer Research. ‘ROCKSTAR’ was developed in 2007 by periodontist, Dr. Dennis Hunt for people whose teeth and gums just can’t withstand daily or extended use of hydrogen peroxide which could eventually stain them and just plain hurts – he instead developed a carbamide peroxide solution with desensitizers which doesn’t stain and is comfortable to use especially if you have sensitive teeth.

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Here are some teeth-whitening tips from Opalescence:

  •  Consult your dentist before whitening. He/She will be able to explain your options and provide realistic expectations. In addition, he/she can make sure your teeth are in the optimal condition to start whitening (e.g., cavity-free).
  •  Remember not all teeth-whitening products contain the same ingredients. Look for a product that contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce any potential tooth sensitivity.
  •  Not everyone bleaches at the same rate. Some may take longer than others, so the best practice is to be consistent and remain committed to the process. Drinking/dietary habits (e.g.  red wine, cola, etc.) and smoking habits can determine how often you will need to touch up.
    •  While many products claim to have whitening results, only a gel will whiten beyond surface stains.
  • When considering a teeth-whitening procedure, there isn’t one right solution. There are options that fit different lifestyles from an in-office treatment to treatments that last 5-10 days at 30 minutes per treatment.  Find the solution that fits your lifestyle the best!


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