4 Neck Tightening Treatments Without A Surgeon’s Scalpel

4 Neck Tightening Treatments Without A Surgeon’s Scalpel

When crepe-like skin interrupts the beauty that is a woman’s neckline, don’t give into gravity’s pull, fight it tooth and nail with one of these worthwhile neck tightening treatments, none of which requires a surgeon’s scalpel.

The prescription for a resilient neckline free of fine lines and wrinkles is Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck Treatment ($39.95) part of the New Advanced System. ‘Decollete’ is a silky formula developed for use on both the chest and neck area and contains a skin brightening complex with sunscreen to reduce the appearance of age spots, as it protects the area from further sun damage.

NOTE: Because gravity is the enemy, always apply neck treatments using upwards strokes.

At the not-so-cheap price tag of $135, Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Decollete Creme (peterthomasroth.com) helps bring back the neck & décolleté area of younger years. For the money you get the Patent-pending 33.5% GFx Complex™ – a cocktail of seven active ingredients that work seamlessly together at maximum clinically-tested levels to help tone, brighten, smooth fine lines & rough textures, restore elasticity and resiliency also known as “snap back action.” Those active ingredients are:

  • *Bioengineered GFx at 10% helps promote new cell growth and skin renewal.
  • *SERILESINE®* & CERAMIDE II* at 11% help redensify the appearance of skin and increase its elasticity.
  • *MACADERM™* and SYN®-HYCAN* at 6.5% helps firm skin.
  • *ZIRHAFIRM™* at 4% helps strengthen the internal skin structure.
  • *Lipochroman- 6™*, CHROMABRIGHT®* & Diamond Diffusers at over 2% helps brighten & even skin tone.

If more collagen-boosting power is what you want, then welcome to the new & improved Strivectin Tightening Neck Treatment ($89, ulta.com). Please forgive the technical speak, but it contains NIA-114, a molecule discovered in DNA cancer research that speeds up the rebuilding of skin layers. Years of clinical trials have shown that Strivectin does tighten and firm neck areas and jawline contours.

On the lower-end of the money scale for only $18 is Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream (mariobadescu.com), an anti-aging neck treatment that contains hyaluronic acid to trap moisture in and revitalize the skin.

Never wear a turtleneck out of necessity again!

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