HOLIDAY GIFTING 101: Shave, Save and Feel Good

HOLIDAY GIFTING 101: Shave, Save and Feel Good

Smooth Legs

When you choose to gift Angel Shave Club, you'll not only give someone smooth legs and skin all year, you'll also empower women all over the world...keep reading to see how. [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

Pre-wrapped in holiday packaging and delivered right to your door, the Angel Shave Club kit is the easiest good-feel gift you give all year because a portion of all proceeds go to the Malala Fund, an organization that helps women all over the world.

Each box is customizable for everyone on your list, whether it be a pink razor and moisturizing aloe lotion for your favorite aunt, or the First Shave Kit for your little sister who is shaving for the first time, Angel Shave Club is a by women for women shaving subscription company complete with everything for the perfect holiday gift.

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