5 Tote-Worthy, Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

5 Tote-Worthy, Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

A tiny crossbody and a one-piece just ain’t enough for a day at the beach. In fact, no trip to the beach is complete without a few must-haves beach bag beauty essentials in the event of whateva. What you’ll need is a large umbrella to protect you from the sun and tote filled with beauty goodies that’ll keep the constant runs from the tip of the shore to your car to a minimum.

First on your list of things to apply and then pack into your tote is sunscreen, of course, so try Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 ($10.99, ulta.com) – the multi-purpose non-greasy sunscreen that protects your skin from sun and water damage.

On dry land or at sea, a great fragrance is always a plus which is why HKI suggests Paul & Joe Fragrance Hair and Body Mist ($28, paulandjoe.us)! Anyone standing up or downwind of you will get a whiff of this soft fragrance mist that moisturizes not only your skin, but your hair as well.

Bare lips are considered an HKI no-no, so adorn them with the candy-scented Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Celebrate ($14, marykay.com) – a shimmery peachy-pink shade this beauty chick adores because the shade is pretty, it contains moisturizing Vitamin E and it pays tribute to Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary.

It won’t take long for your face to feel a bit gritty amidst the blowing sand and ocean mist, so give Aubrey Organics Calming Skin Therapy Cleansing Wipes ($6.99, aubrey-organics.com) a shout. These are great pre-moistened wipes that cleanse and refresh your face anywhere,  anytime even for sensitive skin types.

Dermadoctor Shrinking Beauty ($58, dermadoctor.com) is the answer to every woman’s cottage cheese issue. Prep for a beach trip by using ‘Shrinking’ – a vegan formulation every day for 2 weeks prior, after which you’ll notice more contoured, dimple-free skin. Not feeling confident enough day of? No problem, just tote this cellulite blaster along for moral support…maybe you could sneak in a rubdown under the umbrella if you’re so bold.

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