Protect Your Lips From Winter Wear And Tear

Protect Your Lips From Winter Wear And Tear

Lip Protection

Lip protection, especially during what has been considered the coldest winter on record is as important as nourishing the rest of the skin on your face. With extreme temperature lows crisscrossing the U.S., try Shea Terra Organics new lip savior collection to protect and soothe your pout. 

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The Buzz

Natural skin care brand, Shea Terra Organics has just launched a new lip savior collection formulated with wild, indigenous oils and cold pressed Shea Nilotik' Shea butter, along with powerful plant lipids to deeply soften lips as they protect against chapping. Ideal for all weather, but especially effective during the bleakest months of winter when your lips need the most protection, Shea Terra Organics has collected golden beeswax from an empowerment project in Uganda to safeguard lips against moisture loss and wear and tear. Each lip savior is naturally sweetened and flavored for a sensuous experience and packaged in an eco-friendly, food grade tube. 

Scents include:

Price: $11


Why You'll Love It

So, I almost lost my shit when I received the entire collection because I'm a self-admitted lip care product fiend, and have been using the Rose Hips since receiving it. My nose loves the scent, and my lips always feel nourished and always soft after every use. 

Bye Falsies, This Lash Wand Performs Miracles 

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