Accessories Report: Sunglasses

Accessories Report: Sunglasses

Every fly chick knows that as long as the sun is out, you don’t actually have to wait for the weather to break to rock your shades. But good news sunglasses lovers, the wait is over and shade SEASON is here!

Get ready to turn a few heads and break some necks as you wear some of this Spring’s statement eye gems that WOWed HueKnewIt…

To buy (from top to bottom):

Giorgio Armani #AR6005BC Sunglasses with handmade blinders ($493,

Fendi FS5340 – Spring/Summer 2013 ($272, This unconventional shape screams for attention.

Legend on the Rocks  ($240, Cartoon-inspired geek frames with a floral spunk.

Gucci Bio-Based Oversized Glasses ($295, A translucent marble finish that merges trendy pastels and rust colors to create one smart and seemingly smart look!

Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow $345 – Sold Out.  A collection of luxury accessories designed by some of fashion top designers.

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