Wear The Black & White Fashion Trend Seen At Marshalls

Wear The Black & White Fashion Trend Seen At Marshalls

Ever wonder how you’re going to wear the black & white fashion trend seen at Marshalls? While I wouldn’t label myself a fashionista, I’m definitely all about rockin’ the best spring trends from the runway, and my favorite must-wear trend of the moment that has Miss G written all over it – the black & white fashion trend that’s popping up everywhere.

With the help of a great stylist, a fabulous photographer and Marshalls – the store where finding brand names and designer fashion on a tight budget is the rule and as a member of the exclusive Glam Style Squad, it would be my honor to give you the lowdown on my totally city chic black and white look…

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Off-white jeggings that leave little to the imagination as they lovingly highlight a dimple or two is paired perfectly with a fab sheer black top & tie at the waist that hides a multitude of sins – especially on the day of this photo shoot.

Interest was added to this combo with funky accessories like the two-toned, fold-over leather clutch with the gold top zip…I’ll rock that bag for years to come. I also thought the color contrasting black/white/tan shoes were kinda funky with the gold-studded detail across the back…definitely see these in my future. And to top it off, over-sized, gradated shades to cover my peepers…how many ways can you say supa star? I made this look my own by adding a bold studded bracelet and multiple thick necklace gold chains which were mistakenly left at home, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Sadly, I can’t tell you what designer’s I’m wearing, but I can suggest you take a few and stroll the aisles of a Marshalls near you to make your own name-brand discoveries for a whole lot less and tell ’em Gregorie sent you.

When Glam.com, who recently named me the newest member of their Style Squad, and Marshalls – the store where being fabulous on a small budget is a given came a knockin’ to discuss this season’s hottest trend – the black & white trend, I answered the call with a huge “where do I sign up?!”

A big shout out to Glam for the love and to Marshalls & personal stylist Lauren Messiah for hooking me up with my hot gear!


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