Discover the Perfect Fit: High-Rise Wide-Legged Cargo Pants for Every Shape

Discover the Perfect Fit: High-Rise Wide-Legged Cargo Pants for Every Shape


The resurgence of cargo pants has introduced a chic, updated style: high-rise, wide-legged. This design is not only stylish but also flattering for various body types, merging comfort with a fashionable edge.

Here’s a guide to finding the best pair for your shape:

Pear Shapes: Opt for minimal hip detailing to keep the silhouette sleek. Pair with a tucked-in blouse to balance proportions.

Justine Strappy Wide Leg Cargo Pant - Black

Price: $39.99


Apple Shapes: Look for stretchy waistbands to define the waist without adding bulk. Match with a fitted top.

Forever 21 High-Rise Wide-Leg Cargo Jeans

Price: $44.99


Hourglass Figures: Select styles that emphasize the waist, such as those with a belt, and pair with a cropped jacket to highlight curves.

Icon Time Medium Wash Denim High-Rise Wide-Leg Cargo Jeans by LUSH

Price: $68


Tall and Slender: Embrace patterns and extra pockets to add dimension. A fitted or cropped top helps avoid a baggy look.

ay High Rise Wide Leg Baggy Cargo Jeans in Brea Blue

Price: $395


Plus Sizes: Look for styles with a structured waist for good support and choose lighter fabrics to avoid adding bulk. Pair with a simple, elegant top to create a balanced and stylish look.

a.n.a Womens High Rise Wide Leg Cargo Pant-Plus

Price: $37.80


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