Fun Ways to Break Out of a Beauty Rut

Fun Ways to Break Out of a Beauty Rut

Beauty Rut

It takes a lot of experimenting before you find your signature style, haircut, and even beauty routine. However, being too comfortable in your look can make your style feel dated and keep you stuck in a beauty rut. For inspiration look at fashion magazines, beauty editorials, and style articles, which may give you the spark to embrace a new trend. Here are some fun ways to keep your style and beauty routines up-to-date.

Commit to the 30×30 wardrobe challenge

Despite giving you a ton of style options, owning a lot of clothes can be a headache when it comes to mixing and pairing. Yes, it’s fun to mix and match if you have a lot of pieces, but you may not end up with a cohesive look. And let’s face it: You really only reach for a few items that you know look good on you. If you want to do a wardrobe overhaul and see which pieces can help you establish your signature look, try doing the 30×30 wardrobe challenge – find 30 pieces from your wardrobe that you regularly reach for, ⁠including tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes, but excluding loungewear. The fun part is pairing up the chosen items to create different outfits for 30 days. Kali Borovic blogs that this will show you how versatile your wardrobe is while allowing you to practice your styling skills. This challenge also encourages you to take a hard look at your shopping habits. And as The Huffington Post notes that at least 26 billion pounds of clothes end up in landfills every year, there really isn’t a reason for you to shop unconsciously.

Play makeup bingo

Constantly playing with makeup can help you find the right techniques and products that enhance your face. But once you get comfortable in a beauty routine, it can be scary to try out new looks and trends that might even further accentuate your facial features. If you want to see how other makeup styles work for you, playing makeup bingo might do the trick, which like playing actual bingo or, more specifically, 75-ball bingo. This version of bingo is the most popular here in the US, according to Cheeky Bingo, and involves a ticket with a 5×5 table of numbers. But for this challenge, instead of numbers, you can put in different products for your lips, eyes, brows, cheeks, and skin. When you’ve completed your makeup bingo sheet, download a five-sided die or a random generator app to help you pin down which 5 products from the sheet to try. This can help you explore new styles and experiment with different combinations, without having to skim through tons of YouTube tutorials and beauty articles.

Try a daring hair color

In these trying times when everyone’s forced to stay at home, it can be very tempting to change up your hair color or try a new cut at home. In fact, Vox reports that hair challenges are all the rage on the social media app, Tiktok. There’s so many things you can try with your hair — from discovering NYFW trends, or even coloring your locks in neon colors. If you decide to color your mane, try using temporary hair dyes first. That way, you can try on multiple hair colors without the risk of damaging your hair permanently. Being stuck in a beauty rut can get frustrating, but if you try these different challenges and ideas, you’ll be able to get rid of your beauty blues in no time.

Photo credit: Rihanna photographed by Steven Klein with makeup by Pat McGrath for W magazine, September 2016.

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