The Embellished Trend Walks The TARGET Runway

The Embellished Trend Walks The TARGET Runway

Everything from bold lips, wavy hair, black & white, tailored and the embellished trend walked across the Target runway and is currently on display in commercials. Just when I thought I was bowled over by a black & white number coming across the stage, a model rockin’ a tote or a serious necklace would steal my attention toute suite.

But what exactly does embellished mean? It means that a black bootie with silver studs added to it’s heel, makes it much more interesting to look at. It means that a camouflaged jacket, a simple blouse and jeans have moved from a cool-looking outfit, to a spectacular one because of the statement necklace you decided to add – it’s an unexpected pop of glamour that gets tongues waggin’. It means that a pair of flats with a gold-link-chain across the toe bed is now to-die-for versus just comfortable…items, as you know that can all be purchased now at Target for a price we can all afford.

One of my personal embellished “must-haves” is the Merona Crossbody ($22.99) with the gold link part way of either side of the strap – a bag that definitely says “I’m here, so pay attention.” My other “must-have” is the gorgeous Bib Cluster Stone ($29.99), a statement jewelry piece that wakes up a plain white T in an instant or overalls if you’re so bold.

Check out more of what Target has to offer in this trend category…

Mossimo Women’s Faux Leather Jacket with Sudded Collar: ($44.99)

Merona Brown Ballet Flats ($21.99)

Mossimo Petites Quilted Side Ponte Pants – ($19.99)

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Studded Strap Ankle Boot ($34.99) :

Additional products available in-store or at a later time:

–          Belt: Available in store, not online

–          Red Pants: May be available online on 10/6


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