The New Normal: The Tartan Plaid Trend

The New Normal: The Tartan Plaid Trend

Although it’s roots comes from Scotland, the tartan plaid trend is most commonly associated with the rough and tumble world of construction and generally, those who work out of doors.

This fall, tartan plaid patterns have taken on a whole new meaning in the grand US of A.

Let any fear you may have of your sexy being hidden beneath these not-so-feminine patterns fall by the wayside, because it’s all in the fit that moves this trend from a utilitarian-feel to a down right “Damn, I look good!” feeling.

Do as the celebs do and bop around town running errands, not in sweats, but wearing a fitted plaid shirt with extra points of leather interest on the pockets and collar similar to IRO Leather Detail Plaid Flannel Shirt ($350,…this look is also known as “urban meets sexy.”

For a dressier silhouette, opt for a body-hugging dress like the Natural Translator Dress ($154.99, ‘Translator’ is a little more forgiving on the curves and works us everyday gals as it is 100% cotton and accommodates more hip action because of the vertical skirt pleats.

Still not sure how to rock this trend? Then keep it easy and all the way casual with a Plaid Cotton & Silk Scarf ($58,


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