Beat The Heat Summer Hair – 3 Styles To Rock

Beat The Heat Summer Hair – 3 Styles To Rock

Summer HairChrissy Teigen summer hair

In the-not-so-distant future will be, yep, the end of summer, but no sad faces, please. Instead, punctuate the inevitable transition to Fall with Chrissy Teigen - esque summer hair with the help of products from Warren Tricomi, Madame C.J. Walker, and Moroccanoil.

The Buzz

Effortless is the key to summer hair, so check out three off-the-neck looks that will no doubt turn heads at the beach... First up, the top knot. Pull your hair up up and away by first prepping it with Warren Tricomi Spray Wax  ($24,, which creates fuller, thicker hair. Just spray and play to create dimension and texture for your slightly unruly top knot.

Get your punk rock on by giving your hair an interesting view from the side with a peek-a-boo braid that (in Chrissy's case) illustrates edge topped off with cascading soft waves. After you've added the necessary texture to a style such as this, complete your styling routine with a dash of lightweight Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Scent & Shine Coconut Oil ($26, which also guards against humidity.

A chic, messy high ponytail is a staple for all us girls because it pulls your hair away from your face and neck and is a look that can easily start your day and take you through night. To give your ends a more piece-y look and to tame flyaways around your hairline, use Moroccanoil Texture Clay ($26,

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