Mane Effects: An Elixir That Gives You Full Hair

Mane Effects: An Elixir That Gives You Full Hair
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Full Hair

Get thick, full hair like Alicia Vikander [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] To wear or not to wear a wig, that is the question for many women who, for one reason or another are experiencing less-than-full-hair issues. If mane confidence is what you seek, then a new treatment method you should try is Viviscal's new Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir.

The Buzz

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir is a non-greasy, lightweight formula that conditions your scalp and promotes healthy, thicker-looking hair all day long. It is easy to apply and works on all hair types. To use, simply add 2-3 pea-sized pumps of the elixir to your hand and then apply to your hair and scalp and to thinning or damaged areas. Use every morning and evening to wet or dry hair for a minimum or 3-6 months. The price for a one month supply is $29.99 for 60ml and is available at CVS, Ulta, and

Why You'll Love It

I'm personally addicted to the Viviscal supplements, but my mom, who is currently on a quest to go from thin to thick, full hair, immediately used this elixir as soon as I took it out of the package - mind you, she is already on a Viviscal re-order program so she doesn't miss a day of her Viviscal treatment. My own hair is past my shoulders thanks in part to the supplements I've been taking, and I'm certain that I'll be adding this elixir to my hair care routine to achieve even better results. [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] MORE HAIR CARE TALK: Wedding Hair Preppin' [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer]
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