Cheap Hair Styling Tools for the Budget Conscious

Cheap Hair Styling Tools for the Budget Conscious

Get frizz free voluminous curls or maintain your sharp haircut at home with cheap hair styling tools from John Frieda & Andis.

Small things like saving money on styling tools that mimic the performance of professional tools that gets HKI choked up every time. A recent conversation with a hair stylist confirmed what HKI always knew: ”drugstore styling tools oftentimes perform better or are the equivalent to higher-priced ones.”

Way before this blog launched, and even to this day, yours truly was a constant fixture in drugstore and big box retailer aisles always in search of a deal. Now behold our cheap hair styling tools for the budget conscious:

Get voluminous curls without the frizz with John Frieda’s Volume Curl 1-1/2’ Curling Iron ($29.99, because of the high voltage advanced ionic generator with Titanium ceramic coating. HKI also loves this tool because it heats up to as high as 400 degrees and has a comfortable heat setting for all hair types. Love.

At-home barbers I beg you to ditch your craft scissors and pick up the Andis Easy Cut 8-Piece Adjustable Clipper Kit ($22.99, If you’ve a got a steady hand and nerves of steal then this kit’s for you baby! But seriously, this kit was made with you in mind because it’s ergonomic to fit comfortably in your hand & won’t slip, it’s compact and the blades are long-lasting, but above-all the motor is maintenance-free so you’re saving even more money!

If you need to find yet another way to The thought of spending money needlessly really chaps my hide.

Do you believe drugstore styling tools work as well as professional ones??