Frizz Free Products for Natural Hair

Frizz Free Products for Natural Hair

Get close to banishing frizz with 3 frizz free products for natural hair from Twisted Sista, Cantu Shea Butter & Optimum.

Beauty companies are falling all over themselves to compete for “naturalistas” dollars (and for good reason) because it makes good fiscal sense. Hair care companies have made it their business to answer the needs of women who say, “I want products that help enhance the natural texture of my hair!” Now there are a slew of companies on the natural hair care landscape that have developed products made solely for this fly community of women. Talk about power in numbers.

As with any other styling option, going natural comes with special challenges, such as frizzy hair. And while HKI has yet to find a product that completely banishes frizz, we did find three frizz free products for natural hair that comes awfully close…

Through wet hair you’d have to apply Optimum Care 6-in-1 Miracle Oil ($8.99, in order to see how it calms down your frizz. Last month, yours truly attended this product launch where Miss Tracee Ellis Ross sang the praises of this product and demonstrated another use of 6-in-1 after she applied it to her own already styled dry hair for instant shine – she used it as a dry skin hydrator.  You can also use this oil as a hot oil treatment, as a daily leave-in conditioner, as a moisturizing scalp oil and as a heat protector.

HKI’s only complaint about Twisted Sista Different Strokes Hair Serum ($4.49, which you also apply to wet hair and then style is that comes in way too small of a bottle. Too little product for the money.

A product that’s currently in beauty cabinet is Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Milk Shine & Hold Mist.Besides the fact that this stuff works miracles on hair that actually grows from your scalp, it does wonders to revive the curls in my Fall hair also known as my weave really does refresh the state of my curls. This is the product that got HKI on the coconut scent bandwagon.

Hue Knew It? I did.