MANE MONDAY: Treat Your Scalp To An Exfoliation Treatment

MANE MONDAY: Treat Your Scalp To An Exfoliation Treatment

Healthy Scalp

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If the idea of exfoliating your scalp seems foreign, this post is here to let you how important this step is in helping to stimulate healthy hair growth. Get the hair you can be proud of with Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask.

The Buzz

Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask Pre-Shampoo Treatment is designed to help remove scalp buildup for all hair types , even fine hair and not weigh it down. It removes dead skin, while thickening the hair shaft and repair split ends, which leaves hair looking fuller and more voluminous. The Keratin Amino Complex creates a shield that protects against environmental damage and is formulated with Protein Boost Technology to help restore vitality to thin hair. With every wash, this pre-shampoo treatment gently exfoliates dead skin, which can help accelerate surface scalp turnover, which promotes healthy hair that is strong, manageable, and soft.

What it is formulated to do:
Just like you exfoliate your facial skin, you should exfoliate the skin on your scalp. The Keranique Micro Exfoliating Mask helps remove sebum and buildup from the scalp allowing treatment based products to penetrate to the root and follicle. A breakthrough, multifunctional exfoliator, it addresses the modes of hair thinning and loss, gently conditions the hair and scalp, and improves the elasticity of the hair fiber to prevent future breakage and loss. It’s infused with Keratin Amino Complex™, which helps to strengthen, stabilize, and normalize hair and nurture the scalp to promote healthy hair follicles.

Why You’ll Love It (or not)

Never have I ever exfoliated my scalp until I received this Keranique Treatment. In fact, I never even thought it was something I had to do, but because I’m more obsessed now than ever before with growing my hair, I’m doing whatever it takes to help it grow in fast, grow in stronger, and healthy. As directed, I applied it to my damp scalp and gently massaged it in and immediately felt a cool and tingling sensation, which, to this day, I’m still addicted to! No amount of deep massage with a shampoo alone has ever given me the same sensation. The beads in this exfoliating treatment all help remove dirt from my scalp that a shampoo alone just can’t do. I encourage everyone to pick up this product and start exfoliating!

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