MANE MONDAY: Reverse Thinning Hair Due To Weaving and Braiding

MANE MONDAY: Reverse Thinning Hair Due To Weaving and Braiding

Thinning Hair

phytospecific phytotraxil thinning hair

No stranger to weaves, braids, and wigs, who better than VH1’s Basketball Wives’, Tami Roman to be the poster child for thinning hair due to these protective style options. A gust of wind in season’s past episode on a beach vacation somewhere revealed Tami’s own thinning temples, so we know she can relate. Introducing PhytoSpecific Phytotrtaxil – a spray  that treats localized and severe hair thinning.

The Buzz

Almost every woman can relate to some form of hair thinning as a result of braiding, weaving, relaxing, or heat styling. When suffering from hair loss associated with the mentioned styling options, try PhytoSpecific Phytotrtaxilwhich creates the perfect environment for new hair growth. Ingredients such as Darutoside promotes the softening of collagen fibers around the hair follicle so hair can grow, Wild tree apple extract helps protect follicular stem cells, and Algisum and Boerhavia roots contains anti-irritant and soothing properties, which help revitalize the hair bulb.

This no-rinse hair thinning formula is made especially for dry and damaged hair containing a trio of amino acids that help strenghten keratin while antioxidant-rich Moringa Oil protects and hydrates.

Price: $70,

Why You’ll Love It (or not)

I’ve luckily gotten some measure of control over my obsession with straightening my hair with the creamy crack, which, at one point resulted in thinning temples. I also remember the fear I felt after discovering a huge bald spot on my crown after visiting my local NYC hair braider for a quick weave tightening. If it weren’t for my ability to get Cortisone shots in my scalp to help grow my hair back (and it did), I would’ve tried this very capable over-the-counter treatment. You simply attach the nozzle and spray on the dry affected area three times a week.

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