MANE MONDAY: The New No-Pain No-Strain Way To Get Wavy Hair

MANE MONDAY: The New No-Pain No-Strain Way To Get Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

hot tools curl bar wavy hair

Thanks to the unique design of the new Hot Tools CURLBAR, getting wavy hair like singer Jhene Aiko is made easier than ever, and all without the pain you experienced with those other curling rods.

The Buzz

The Hot Tools CURLBAR is uniquely-designed with you in mind. It allows you to curl your hair while sidestepping awkward shoulder moves, and   prevents any shoulder, elbow and wrist strain in the process. Yet another first for the brand – the optional timer feature requires less thinking, just wrap your hair around the 1″ or 1-1/4″ barrel, set the timer up to 30 seconds, which vibrates, you’re done.

Price: $89.99,

Why You’ll Love It (or not)

So, the first time I saw this beast (meant in a good way) of a tool I was strumming through the pages of Allure Magazine, and thought “Why don’t I have this tool in my own hair arsenal?” as I started to pant a little. I was simply excited about what this could mean for women who want the waves without the strain. Perhaps I’d already been pitched this innovation, but given what my Inbox looks like, I’m sure I missed it somehow. Fast forward to Friday, March 26, 2017 when I first tried this tool for myself courtesy of Hot Tools’ public relations firm. To use it was simple, I turned it on, dialed the temperature up to 430 degrees (can go as low as 310 degrees) and then I started wrapping small sections of my hair on the rod without contorting my arm one bit. Within seconds (10 for me to be exact, didn’t use the timer as suggested, but I could’ve) I had a wave I was happy with, and so and so on until my whole head was done!

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