The Creamy Solution To Replenishing Dry Curly, Coiled, and Relaxed Hair

The Creamy Solution To Replenishing Dry Curly, Coiled, and Relaxed Hair

Dry Hair

phyto specific paris repair for dry hair

Curly (hey Solange Knowles), coily, and relaxed hair types have one thing in common? They all desperately seek solutions to cleansing and conditioning severely dry hair so it’s left moisturized and replenished – introducing Phyto Specific Paris Cleansing Care Cream.

The Buzz

Designed for curly, coiled, and relaxed hair, Phyto Specific Paris Cleansing Care Cream is a no-lather formula that gently and thoroughly cleanses your hair as it deeply moisturizes and conditions the driest hair and scalp in one step. It contains ultra-moisturizing and lipid-replenishing benefits of mallow root extract and castor oil that are generously released to deliver exceptional softness and suppleness to hair and ultimate comfort to scalp. This cleansing cream contains 42% Carob Extract  to fortify the hair fiber and provides anti-frizz, Elasticurl Technology, which is comprised of vegetable cellulose to moisturize and hold curls, and Botanical Caviar rich in Chenopodium quinoa to strengthen curls.This creamy formula is a cocktail of acid0pH ingredients powered with buckthorn berries and hibiscus flower, which strengthens the lipid barrier and seals the cuticle scales to lock in moisture.

Price: $29,

Why You’ll Love It (or not)

Since making the decision to jump back into the world of relaxers, I’ve been on the hunt for products that will help protect the integrity of my delicate chemically-treated strands. In walks Phyto Specific Cleansing Care Cream; after receiving it I immediately thought that it was for curly hair types. I was pleased to learn that it was also developed to work on relaxed hair types.

Three reasons why I love this cleansing cream:

The idea of seeing bubbles when you wash your hair is purely a mental thing because the experts say that shampoos don’t need them, and this cleansing cream doesn’t, which I think I love. Call me a creature of habit, but bubbles make me happy and they also make me think that my hair is getting even cleaner as a result…not the case at all, so not seeing them was a bit of an adjustment. I’m also into the no (Anionic) surfactant feature, which is known to dry out curly hair types. And last, but not least? It thoroughly and effectively cleans and conditions my hair in one step. Not one complaint here ladies…this cleansing cream is a must-purpose for coily, curly, and relaxed hair types – the latter being the tribe I currently subscribe to.

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