MANE MONDAY: Say Hello To More Good Hair Days

MANE MONDAY: Say Hello To More Good Hair Days

Satin Lined

Tresses like R&B sensation Sza's are maintained according to the diva herself via Twitter...
"Yea satin scarf and pineapple the rest on top so I don't smush the curls then brush/ shake it out in the mawnin."
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The Buzz

More than a chic beanie, the Slap is a satin lined hair savior designed to protect your tresses, retain moisture, and extend the look of natural curly, relaxed, and blowouts ultimately saving you money. The silky feel of satin even prevents hair breakage and damage. Price: $29.95 Availability: [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

Why You'll Love It

Once upon a time I made the mistake of wearing my light coat in the office for an entire day because it was cold, and the hair along the nape of my neck paid dearly. With each bend of my neck I knew hair was being sheared off because I could feel tugging and snapping. And as I thought, by the time I looked in the mirror, my hair was completely shaved off! Why didn't I line the neck of my coat with protective satin I'll never know. My point in saying all of this? Slap is a must for everyone's hair care wardrobe. Period. Point. Blank.   [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]  

Create The Perfect Janelle Monae Natural Hair Pouf [vc_empty_space height="5px"]