Miss Uppity: Half Updo Hairstyles That Rock

Miss Uppity: Half Updo Hairstyles That Rock

A loosely, pulled-up updo makes Janet Jackson, one of the stars of  Why Did I Get Married Too, look super elegant. And the carefree curls of Sophie Okonedo are lightly pinned away from her oval face to reveal the beauty we see before us.

These are clearly half updo hairstyles that won’t soon fade or fall and always remains looking polished, so consider this style perfect for very posh events, i.e. weddings, etc. On the flipside, I’m sure you’d agree – this look hardly qualifies for a day at the office.

To make these updos a little more interesting, add a curly hair product  accessory like an embellished hairpin(s) or the (1) Jennifer Ouellette Metal Flower Barrette ($115, barneys.com) to your mane. This takes you from pretty to sexy in minutes. I also happen to love the (2) Jeweled Feather Pin (pheasant and guinea feathers with stone jewel) that was once sold at jcrew.com. Not only is it precious, it doubles as a brooch. A 2-for-1 deal is always a plus in my book.

Just remember that a hair accessory should be considered the finishing touch to any ensemble. But only wear one at a time, otherwise you’ll end up looking over-accessorized. So let me save you the embarrassment now.

And don’t think that I don’t take my own advice. I, too have worn feathered headbands on my short mane to add a fun element to my “do.” So, if I can do it, you can too.

Tip: Put down the hairspray. This is a soft updo so keep the amount if hairspray use to a minimum because this look is afterall an approachable one. After you’ve prepped your hair with the curls, you just need the spray to control the stray fly-aways.

Hue Knew It? I did.