Fashion Week 2010 Hair: The Look at NIMA

Fashion Week 2010 Hair: The Look at NIMA

Tons of Fashion Week 2010 hair and makeup looks seen on the catwalk in New York City. To get this 70’s-Inspired Ponytail Twist from the NIMA presentation (Hair by Sam Brocato Salon) just follow these steps:

As described by Sam: THAT 70’s SHOW. Take Lauren Hutton’s hair from the 70s, mix it with Blake Liveley’s waves of today, and you get the inspiration behind the hairstyles at the NIMA Fall 2010 Fashion Week Presentation. “We tried to create a look that was very modern and Soho chic, yet still had a 70’s feel to it,” says Sam Brocato.

Sam and Matthew Fugate from the Sam Brocato Salon give step-by-step tips on how to achieve this trendy style at home.


“I prepped hair with Brocato Back to the Beach Spray to give it volume,” says Sam. After spritzing the models’ hair with the spray, Sam used a blow dryer to set the wavy look. 

Matthew Fugate used dry shampoo to add texture to the models’ hair. “I wanted to dirty it up and give it that ‘I just got out of bed look’,” says Matthew.

Note: [I] found a great dry shampoo called Black Hair Powder ($35, that gives you the texture descibed here. Itf you’re wondering if it works on coarse hair, it does. The ideal use of this product is on oily and less than clean hair. Just be careful to protect your clothing before application because it may leave spots behind. But no worries because spots can easily be removed with soap and water.


“Nima’s collection had strong design elements on the right shoulder and we decided that a low ponytail that fell on the left side was a perfect complement to the clothes, “ says Sam.

“Using a large barrel curling iron, I took different strands of the hair and curled it to give it more volume and texture, “explains Matthew. “I created a deep side part and used a clear elastic to secure the low ponytail.”

To give the ponytail added chic factor, the stylists used strands of the models hair and wrapped it around the elastic.

Tip: Avoid tugging your hair strands by using elastics that glide on and off easily. A good choice are Sephora Collection Snag-Free Hair Elastics ($3.50 each, 3 colors,


“Since this was a two hour presentation, we had to make sure that hair could keep its shape and style,” says Sam. He used Brocato Moveable Hold Hair Spray to set all of the models looks.

Another great product choice and one of my favorites is Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray ($11.99, You get the great hold without your hair feeling stiff or sticky.

As you can see from my own hairstyle, I like a hairstyle that isn’t too perfect. I believe that taking chances with your hair is one of the best ways to keep life interesting.

Hue Knew It? I did.