Curl Power: Must-Have Hair Products For Curly Hair

Curl Power: Must-Have Hair Products For Curly Hair

Tame frizz, restore luster, and retain moisture with must-have hair products for curly hair from Free Your Mane, Nene’s Secret, Design Essentials, and Motions for Natural Textures.

Tame Frizz at the Drying Stage

The dirtiest word in a curly girls’ dictionary is frizz. For those wanting hair products for curly hair Free Your Mane introduces Pestemel Hair-Love Towel. ($32, Tame frizz at the drying stage with this gorgeous lightweight, hand-loomed, 100% organic cotton bath towel with tassels from Turkey which, not like not like conventional terry cloth towels stays soft after being washed. Even use it as a sarong or beach blanket.

Remove Knots with Two Different Moisturizers

Great for all hair types, this curly-haired chick personally loves Nene’s Secret L.I.C. Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler ($8.99, because it helps to easily remove knots as it moisturizes my tresses. Design Essentials Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Creme ($11.99,,, Sally Beauty stores) is also a favorite because of its enticing fragrance and it’s enriched with pure Argan Oil from Morocco, so my strands are moisturized and have an enviable shine. Yours truly uses both products as leave-ins.

Go Straight with Straightening Products for Curly Hair

But what about those days when the curly thing loses its lustre? Go straight… temporarily, that is. Even actress Yaya Alafia has tried the look.

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