Maintain Straight Edges With Edge Control Hair Products

Maintain Straight Edges With Edge Control Hair Products

Stop the threat of sweat attacking straight edges with edge control hair products from Dri Sweat headband, Pro-Styl, Curls, Design Essentials, and Kiss USA.

Perhaps Olympic Gold Medal gymnast, Gabrielle Douglas should have made actress Gabrielle Union her style muse and employed the assistance of one of these edge control hair products before stepping foot onto the worldwide stage – a stage that unfortunately ripped her a new one for her letting her ‘do and her edges run amuck. But, it’s ok because time heals all wounds…recent pictures show she’s recovered well.

Control Edges with a Sweat Absorbing Headband

What keeps many a woman in the house versus being a gym rat is the ever-present threat of sweat attacking their straight edges and turning them into hot, bushy messes. Something you especially don’t want to see if you just paid to get your hair done. Since traditional cotton bandanas don’t seem to work best at absorbing sweat during workouts or any outdoor activity, it’s time to try Dri Sweat Edge Women’s Headband ($3.99, ‘Dri Sweat’ absorbs sweat around the hair and neckline as it combats hair damage and protects hair styles during activities.

Edge Control that Prevents Moisture

To prevent moisture from reverting your straight hair back along your hair and neckline to its original curly state, use Pro-Styl Marcel Wax ($6.99, because it’s designed to prevent frizz and resist humidity.

Control Edges for Hair Worn Naturally

If you wear your hair naturally and want contained edges, try Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste ($7.99, This control paste is ideal for managing tight curls that can’t be controlled by gels. As soon as ‘Fruit Curl’ is applied, curly edges disappear into the sunset and your look is pulled together. Perfect for curly, kinky and frizzy hair.

Edge Control with Intense Shine

Another control cure for unruly edges that provides intense shine is Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Gel ($10.99, – the finishing touch to sleek styles both long and short.

Control Edges with a Heat-Resistant Comb

The budget-friendly $24.99 ( is the gift that keeps on giving. This straightener lets you get up and close and personal with your edges minus the whole flinching effect that comes with using the smallest of ironing combs. The heat-resistant comb allows the end-user to get close to the root without burning your skin. ‘Root’ heat settings are from 250°F to 450°F and is great for all hair types.

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