The 3 Best Hair Dryers For African American Hair

The 3 Best Hair Dryers For African American Hair

We’re always on the search for the best hair dryers for African American hair. But price point doesn’t determine whether or not the hair dryer is considered “A-List”. How it benefits you does.

Although featured in Beauty For Breast Cancer Awareness Month back in 2010, the Power to Prevent Solano Hair Dryer ($159, needed to be revisited because it’s just one helluva hair dryer. Pro hair stylists and daughters of pro hair stylists – that would be me – know this brand well, and so should you. So why does it cost so much you ask? Because the ergonomic handle is designed for hand health, the crushed mineral – tourmaline, minimizes fly-aways as it shines and smooths your hair, it includes not one, but two air concentrators and the Low EMF (electromagnetic field) means that there’s little interruption to environmental conditions. There’s even a 48-hour care and repair warranty on this!

Upon receiving Rusk Deep Shine 1875 Watt Ceramic Hair Dryer ($79.95,, I treated it with kid gloves for fear of burning out the motor…something I had done the week before with another brand unfortunately. From our first hair drying moment spent together, I was hooked. After attaching a diffuser to the end of it to dry my curls, my hair continuously looks voluminous and feels as soft as a feather thanks to the ceramic which distributes the heat evenly and the ionic that tames frizz and controls static.

Yes, the $25 KissUSA Tornado 360 Heat Protection Air Booster 1875 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer ($25, walmart stores and belongs among this group of A-listers for these reasons…

The rotating air booster makes it so that you don’t have to exercise your arm while you dry your hair – just hold the tool still and let the attachment do all the work. Your hair won’t burn and fall off because you’re concentrating heat in one area too long.  And lastly, you have the flexibility of replacing the rotating air booster with the included air concentrator which allows for different styling techniques.

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