Cover Your Gray Hair Instantly

Cover Your Gray Hair Instantly

Cover your gray hair in an instant without using a felt tip marker!

When you need “no-gray” reassurance 24-7, tote TouchBack Temporary Color Marker Rich Black by HairMarker ($29.99, with you wherever you go. Genius! Believe it or not, this is real temporary hair color that doesn’t flake off when brushed or rub off when touched. HKI loves this product because it’s especially gentle on your hair given that it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. 8 shades in all.

Another product option you should consider for covering up grays or scary-looking root growth is Color Wow Root Cover Up ($34.50, which comes in 4 shades. Sadly, some powder color formulations make hair look incredibly dry, but not this product! ‘Color Wow’ adheres to your strands without being sticky, oily and without looking dry.

So what does one use if a gray or two rears their ugly head through your eyebrows? Leave it, pluck it or dye the most resistant gray brow hair with ($12.95, – 6 shades. For 6 glorious weeks you will enjoy gray-free eyebrows in less than 2 minutes! This kit comes complete with: 1 – .4 oz developer, 4 – brow color capsules, 4 – hair color applicators/mixing sticks, 1 – mixing cup, 1 – instruction sheet.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Gray Coverage ($25, offers a different delivery system for stomping on grays quickly and easily. It’s an aerosol spray that temporarily covers grays and root growth in one spray. The pinpoint actuator delivers product only where you need it and nowhere else. Rest-assured that ‘Root’ was tested for over year in Master colorist, Rita Hazan’s New York salon, so there’s no need to worry about waking up to a stained pillowcase or be concerned that brown streaks will be running down your face as ‘Root’ is water and sweat-resistant.  TO USE:  Shake well before use. Use on dry, styled hair holding can 4-6 inches away. Let hair dry before touching.

Note: Blonde/Golden Blonde is ideal for covering gray roots; this shade will not lift the color of dark roots.