Top Knot Tutorial: Get a Chic Top Knot In 4 Steps

Top Knot Tutorial: Get a Chic Top Knot In 4 Steps

Everywhere you turn celebs like Thandie Newton, Ashanti, Rashida Jones, Alesha Dixon and Keisha Buchanan are wearing top knots, and we’re lovin’ every minute of it! You’ll be rockin’ a top knot too with our top knot tutorial.

As coiffed women of the world, we sometimes forget what it means to have fun with hair. So if you find that cracking an ear-to-ear smile is asking too much, then set your inner child free, if only for a few hours by way of a cute top knot. No major equipment required – just a hair elastic and a few hair pins.

Rubber bands are a dirty word, but Sephora Collection Snag-Free Hair Elastics ($3.50, sephora stores and & goody ouchless no metal elastics ($3.64, are music to HKI’s ears. The former is made of elastic fiber so you can create pony’s with ease with no tugging and the latter are made with a SmartStretch Core so it holds its shape longer without losing its shape or stretching out.

In just a few steps you could be donning your own Top Knot…

Step 1: Grab a hair elastic and create a high ponytail.

Step 2: Take your pony and wrap that around the base of the elastic, but make sure to leave a small section out.

Step 3: Using your choice of bobby pins or Elle Flower Hair Pins ($15, to jazz it up, secure the bun in place.

Step 4: Take the left out section of hair and either braid it or leave it loose for a not-so-coiffed appearance and wrap it around the base and secure with a few more U-shaped hair pins.