Regrow Bald Edges & Avoid Premature Baldness

Regrow Bald Edges & Avoid Premature Baldness

Regrow bald edges and avoid premature baldness from wearing hair weaves and extensions using Sulfur 8 Medicated Hair & Scalp Conditioner.

Much has been said about Naomi Campbell’s fiery and indignant attitude over the years, but lately, she’s making the headlines because of her balding hairline. What in the hell happened to it?! If only she knew that pushing her hair back off her face would raise so many questions among the weave-wearing public and beyond. Something went horribly wrong here. The damage to her hair seems to be irreversible, however, combating premature baldness at the temples is something you can do now.

To get at the root of why this mess occurred to Naomi’s hair, you’d need to first understand some of the reasons why weaves are worn to begin with. They are worn to add length, to add fullness and to let natural hair rest so it grows untouched by chemicals. Those reasons aren’t the problem. The issue is if you neglect the hair you’re born with and focus solely on the weave itself, you’ll end up becoming the next Naomi and you don’t want that.

But guess what, the thinning of a woman’s hair as a result of wearing weaves isn’t new, Naomi just happens to be the one case we all know about. Those reasons aren’t the problem. The issue is if you neglect the hair you’re born with and focus solely on the weave itself, you’ll end up becoming the next Naomi and you don’t want that. That is resolved by expensive surgeries or medications like Propecia that do more harm than good.

Celebrity hairstylist to tv personality/model, Tocarra BET hosts Alesha Renee & Rocsi, Sophia Alston shares her expert styling tips on how to keep your hairline in tact while wearing a weave (things your stylist should already know, and if they don’t, tell them):

1. Condition your hair with a deep penetrating protein mask just before your hair is braided up.

2. Leave the edges of your hairline out during the braiding process because they are the most fragile part of your hair. Too much tension and constant pulling will cause premature alopecia (also known as baldness) which is seen in so many black women who wear braids and tight ponytails.

3. When you shampoo your hair, use a leave-in conditioning treatment on your edges.

Trash the notion that a good weave is equated to an unbearably “tight” weave. What you need is a well-informed, highly-skilled stylist to make your hair dreams come true.

Sophia says that if there is “minimal damage done to the temple area (meaning that not all of your hair bulbs have been removed from the hair shaft), then it can grow back.” She recommends using Sulfur 8 Medicated Original Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Conditioner ($4.49, twice a day on your temples to keep your edges conditioned, but use it lightly because you don’t want to get your extensions greasy. But before there is any damage at all, treat your edges with kit gloves from the very beginning.

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