The Great Debate: Should Black Women Wear Weaves

The Great Debate: Should Black Women Wear Weaves

To wear a weave or not to wear a weave? That is the question.

The level of discussion that surrounds a black woman’s hairstyle (relaxed or natural, short or long) is never-ending. But whatever side of the issue you fall, one thing is true, you should wear a style that makes you look your absolute best. And what better person to be the star of this discussion than reality television star, Omarosa.

The great debate is should Black women wear weave? Omarosa (or Lady O as she is called on The Ultimate Merger) has worn a variety of weave styles as evidenced here, and has done so unapologetically. But many struggle to take the first step in donning a weave because they’re afraid of how they will be perceived by others.

The damaging effects of neglecting one’s hair while wearing a weave spurred some debate among women and some brave men.

Celebrity stylist, Sophia Alston shares her expert opinion on which styles do and don’t work for everyone’s favorite reality show villain:

  • Off the face is a no-no: The first look isn’t the best style for her, however, the brown color is a do.
  • The bang is too severe: This weave looks well done, however, the black color is too harsh and the straight bang isn’t very becoming. An off-black color might have been a better choice.
  • Sophia loves Omarosa’s look with the side swept bang because it softens her appearance.

To keep your weave in the best condition for as long as possible, just follow Sophia’s suggestions:

  1. Treat your weave like your own hair by shampooing it at least every two weeks with Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions Color Preserve Shine Shampoo ($5.97, and sit under the dryer so your hair and braids avoid mildew. If you don’t let it dry, then you risk an odor-filled scalp which is a smell that’s hard to remove.
  2. Keep the color of your hair looking shiny and healthy by using The Pantene Color Nourishing Treatment  ($3.97, These Pantene products (and really any product from the entire color line) is perfect to use to keep your weave in tip-top condition.

Should you or shouldn’t you? Synthetic hair or human hair? These questions and more will plague you until you come to grips with not caring about what anyone else thinks and going for it.  Your concern should only be what style looks best on you.

Hue Knew It? I did.

Photo Credit: Russ Einhorn/Splash News – Omarosa