3 Candles That Increase Your Zen Quotient

3 Candles That Increase Your Zen Quotient

In addition to the occasional downward facing dog to marry your body and mind, add candles from The Body Shop, Elemis and Rituals to the mix to help increase your zen quotientohm.

We mostly think of the The Body Shop as the go-to place for skin, makeup and hair products, but to my surprise, I recently discovered that they also sell room sprays, oil burners, candles like the Aloe & Soft Linen Scented Candle ($16, thebodyshop-usa.com) that’s dominated with notes of Freesia and lily of the valley. To intensify the scent of Freesia in the air use along with home fragrance oil and burner…just love this brand.

I’m already on my second Rituals Hammam Secret Eucalyptus & Rosemary Vitalising Scented Candle ($29, us.rituals.com) because it works wonders on picking up my mood and I’m sure will put you in an awesome head space. Lasting upwards of 50 hours, this  revitalizing scented candle creates a special atmosphere in any room you burn it. Tip: to intensify the fragrance experience, combine the candle with Hamman Secret Fragrance Sticks.

To wrap up this list of soothing and uplifting candles is the Elemis Spa Light Candle ($47.50, timetospa.com) – a candle that promises to fill your room with the smell of vanilla, orange and cinnamon spices.

Hue Knew It? I did.


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