Beauty Goodies You’ll Need This Labor Day

Beauty Goodies You’ll Need This Labor Day


Labor Day

Set it off this Labor Day with must-tote necessaries that will do the heavy lifting during many season-ending holiday celebrations this weekend, so you don’t have to. From protecting your lips from the sunny elements to setting your makeup up for long-lasting success, products from COOLA, Japonesque, and Josie Maran have got your back.

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The Buzz

COOLA SPF 30 Mineral Liplux is an all-natural lip balm that protects, nourishes, and conditions. It contains Organic Cupuacu Butter and Mongongo Oil which together provides lips with a creamy, glideable wear that is soft and smooth to the touch. Available in 6 shades from sheer tint to rich berry.

Price: $18 each


Japonesque Color Makeup Setting Spray is a non-drying, quick- absorbing, and transparent formula that immediately delivers maximum staying power under all conditions. It prevents fading and makeup transfers to sustain a freshly applied appearance.

Price: $29


Josie Maran’s Coconut Watercolor adds a little shimmer and sparkle to your eyes. This pigment-packed liquid shadow contains two layers that instantly makes eyes look and feel more hydrated. The first layer is fresh Coconut Water, and the other is Argan-infused pigments that instantly give eyes a more youthful appearance.


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Why You’ll Love These Picks

COOLA Liplux tops my list of must-totables because it gently washes your lips with a hint of color while it conditions and contains UV protection from the sun. And since there is a variety of lip shades to choose from, one shade doesn’t have to fit all.

The constant reapplying of your makeup throughout the day doesn’t have to be. Think one and done with the Japonesque Color Makeup Setting Spray because it does an effective job of holding the makeup on your pretty AF made up face right in place. #nofademakeup

Speaking of makeup you don’t want to fade, think Josie Maran’s Coconut Watercolor. It not  only puts an instant glow where it belongs – right on your eyes, the rich pigment of this liquid shadow is everything a vibrant shimmering eyeshadow should be.

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