Beauty Tools of the Trade for Makeup & Skin Care

Beauty Tools of the Trade for Makeup & Skin Care

With the maze of makeup and beauty tools available, you probably aren’t 100% clear as to what which are for makeup and skin care to use, when to use them and why you’re using them - so let’s get down to business.

To rid your face of blackheads and whiteheads use a comedone extractor like the Double-ended Blended Extractor ($16, If not used properly, this stainless steel double loop tool, will most certainly leave a scar. so please remember to apply just enough pressure during extraction. If you haven’t used one of these tools before, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Sterilize the tool by pouring 2-3 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol into a small bowl and let tool soak for one minute.

Step 2: Steam your face to open your pores…fill your bathroom sink or a bowl with hot water. Place a dry towel over your head and bend over for at least 2-3 minutes while the steam does it’s job.

Step 3: Place the flat loop directly over the blackhead (only after it’s come to a head) and use just enough pressure to extract the offender. You’ll know that the blackhead’s gone because it’ll pop through the loop – that’s nasty! Use the small loop to remove whitehead’s by applying the appropriate amount of pressure and using a slight wiping motion to clear your pores.

NOTE: If you suffer from acne cysts, do not use this tool and seek the help of a dermatologist!

We all know that brushes are used to apply powders, blushes and other similar products, but have you seen the Flower Kabuki Brush Set from Sephora ($34)? These cute little brushes are to die for. It’s your choice to use the large or the mini brush to dazzle yourself with your favorite body shimmer, blush or bronzer.

To clean your new brushes between makeup applications, try e.l.f.’s Studio Brush Shampoo ($3, It’s an anti-bacterial brush cleanser that disinfects and washes away traces of dirt, makeup, oil from your brush while it conditions the hair so you have soft and clean bristles for every application. And to clean your makeup sponges (used to apply liquid and cream-to-powder foundations) try Beauty Blender’s Sponge Cleanser ($17.95, Click here to check out the Beauty Blender sponge not pictured here.

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