Pro Talk With Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson

Pro Talk With Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson

Famed and highly sought after celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson took a few moments out of his hectic schedule to give Hue Knew It  a bird’s eye view into his world of beauty one question at a time.

Q: Inquiring minds want to know…who are some the celebs you’ve had the pleasure of working with?

Estelle, Brandy, Hilary Duff, Amerie, Letoya Luckett, Raven Symone, Regina King, Lauren London and the list goes on and fortunately on.
Q: Of all the celebrities you’ve worked with, who’s the most adventurous with her makeup and why given that you’ve established yourself for your clean makeup techniques?

I’d say Estelle, takes the most risks with her look. She loves to try new things. She’s not afraid to push the envelope. We’ve had some great moments. I can remember a brief conversation with Rachel Roy where she complemented me on my work with Estelle, from the extreme to clean because even with her look being soft and clean it too was setting a trend. I have seen many things we have tried translated in new ways on other artist. Same as with Letoya Luckett, our Purple lip from the video for Regret really started a movement as well!

Q: What’s most meaningful to you about being a makeup artist?

I have the opportunity to make someone look and feel their best. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I help evoke confidence in a person.

Q: What’s the one makeup product a woman should never be without? 

I would have to say Lip gloss. That’s why I created my own line Kissable Couture (21 shades in all). Working with Fergie for years we bought up stock from all over of a favorite shade she wore that was discontinued. I thought what are we gonna do when these run out?! The only answer I could come up was to make my own! Lip gloss is fresh and now! Make the lips a focal point without being obnoxious. It’s inexpensive, yet makes you feel luxurious. Its fashion for your lips.

Q: Do you have a funny moment you can share with us while you were on set doing a celeb’s makeup?

The first thing that comes to mind is the time Estelle and I were on set for the Love Hangover video with Kids in the Hall. We were trying on outrageous lips colors just for fun! Many of them were so bad it could only be a joke… Haha you had to be there..!

Q: What (aside from Kissable Couture) makeup brands are currently in your kit and you absolutely can’t live without?

My AJ Crimson Makeup powders! I love them to pieces! They are so velvety and just the right amount of coverage without getting cakey! I also love Smashbox LashBlast mascara – my number one fave! And I can’t live without my Make Up For Ever – anything! I have almost everything that they make! Oh and Smolder liner from MAC never leave home without it!

Q: If a woman had to emphasize one feature on her face, what should it be?

What she feels is her BEST Feature! The one that gets the most complements from others.

Q: What parting makeup tip would you leave HKI readers with?

Apply shimmery or frosty eye shadow with a moistened brush you’ll get more payoff less creasing throughout the night and the color will POP!

Thanks AJ.

 Hue Knew It? I did.

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